Ao Kao White Sand Beach Resort
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Welcome to Ao Kao White Sand Beach Resort

Ao Kao White Sand Beach Resort : family-owned and operated

Ao Kao White Sand Beach Resort is located on, and is named after, one of most beautiful beaches on the island of Koh Mak. We are also one of the pioneers of tourism on the Island, so we know what travelers want when it comes to a relaxing vacation. In the Thai language Ao Kao means “white bay”, and we have 5 km of sandy beach right in front of our resort. We also have 20 Thai style bungalows built among the towering palm trees of a lush, decades old coconut plantation, plus a beachfront restaurant (with free internet), and lots of sporting and recreational equipment for your enjoyment.

For the past 17 years our resort has welcomed guests from all over the world. We seem to be especially popular with travelers from Europe (France, Germany, Scandinavia, etc.), but everyone is welcome. Our safe and natural surroundings are the perfect spot for vacationing families, romantic couples or just anyone who likes a little peace and quiet – and lots of privacy. The resort is easy to find, but we make it even easier by picking you up at whichever pier the boat is travelling to (usually Ao Nid Pier). Our complimentary transport to and from the hotel is just another service we provide to make your stay as worry-free as possible, so just call ahead and tell us the time of the boat you'll be on, or have someone at the mainland dock contact the staff at Ao Kao for you..

Family History

Our father, Khun Somchai Sudhidhanakul – also known as Mr. Sunshine – founded the resort 18 seasons ago, but since suffering a stroke back in 2009 he has handed over the responsibility of running the resort to his children. Lucky for him there are 8 of us: Yodchai, Yodying, Christian, Pueng, Kwan, Sai, Jom Jam, and Pom Paem. We think of it as Episode II : Season 2.

The island of Koh Mak is owned by a small group of families (of which our family is one), all of whom work together to ensure that development on the island proceeds in a sustainable way. On Koh Mak we follow the ideals of ecotourism, and so instead of jet-skis, nightclubs and traffic jams, you’ll find biking trails, diving schools and other worthwhile tourism operations. Ours is an unspoiled island that has maintained its natural charm and beauty, and we welcome you to enjoy this beauty with us.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t offer guests a little luxury along the way. Like our father, several of us 8 children have lived and studied in Europe, so we know how important a good breakfast, real coffee, fresh orange juice and good bed sheets are to our guests.

Staying Connected

We don’t provide any phone or fax service, but our complimentary WiFi internet access will let you keep in touch with friends and family back home. Almost all mobile phones will work on the island as all the major Thai mobile operators (AIS, DTAC, True Move) have networks here, so staying connected is never a problem.

Free Amenities

  • We have lots of Recreational Equipment – snorkel gear, sports equipment, etc. – that can be used free of charge See our facilities page for more details.
  • Breakfast is included in the room rate.
  • We have a Kids Stay for Free policy for children 6 years of age or under.

Other Amenities

  • Thai Massage services are available for any of our guests that request it. See our facilities page for more details.
  • Motor scooters can be rented directly from the resort.
  • Sea Kayaks can be rented directly from the resort.
  • Diving & Snorkel trips and other excursions can be booked directly at the resort.

Our Team

Our family-run resort has a family of it’s own: our dedicated team of employees, all working hard to make sure your stay is as enjoyable as possible. Khun Chain, our GM, will be the center of all your contacts and activities around Ao Kao, but you’ll get to know all the other friendly faces once you arrive.

See you soon and thank you for visiting our website,
The Ao Kao White Sand Beach Resort Team