Ao Kao White Sand Beach Resort
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Food and Drink

Ao Kao White Sand Beach Resort has 2 onsite facilities for food and refreshments. The spacious Good View Beach Restaurant serves breakfast lunch and dinner in a relaxed comfortable setting overlooking the water, while the Sun Set Beach Bar keeps the party going into the night with drink specials and the same incredible view of the ocean.

Good View Beach Restaurant offers up a variety of delicious Thai cuisine, a few western favourites, and great tropical cocktails and fruit shakes. Come and enjoy the great vibes and the breathtaking view, especially from our special event large-party dining table, which is built on a rock outcropping and surrounded by water on all sides. Breakfast is served in from 08:00 to 10:00, lunch from 11:00 to 15:00 and dinner from 18:00 to 21:00. Be aware that the kitchen staff closes things up at around 21:00.

When the restaurant gets crowded – everybody seems to get hungry for dinner the moment it gets dark – make the wait a little easier by ordering a refreshing drink from our bartender, the famous Mr. Chain. And remind yourself that you’re on holiday, so there’s no reason to rush.

Things to Do on Koh Mak

Guests wishing to enjoy a Thai massage, either on the beach or in their room, can do so right at the hotel (fee depends on the type, and the duration, of the massage). For guests wanting a massage right on the beach we have built a small Sala (a covered wooden deck) where you and your travel companion can receive Oil, Herbal Stamp, or regular Thai Massage treatments. We can also arrange, by appointment, massage service in the privacy of your own bungalow. For all things massage related, we work closely with our German wellness associates Asiense - Thai Massage and Wellness, located in Dortmund, Germany.

Motor scooters can be rented directly from the resort, and make for a great way to see the rest of Koh Mak island.

Diving & snorkel trips, and other boat excursions, can be booked directly through the resort.

Kayaks are also available for rent, and make for a great way to cruise across the calm waters to neigbouring beaches and islands.

The things we don't have are jet skis, banana boats and other noisy contraptions. You won’t find them at Ao Kao, or anywhere else on Koh Mak.


Things To Do - FREE!

We have snorkeling equipment and bicycles available for guests to use. Please contact the Reception Counter.

For game lovers we have an outdoor football (foozball) table and a table tennis (ping pong) table, and a billiard table in the Good View Restaurant. We also have a volleyball net set up on the beach, a giant trampoline for the kids, a small soccer field, and a life-sized chess set over by the Sunset Beach Bar. There is also a brand-new tennis court, a badminton court with solar powered lights for nighttime play, and a full-size snooker table.

There’s free Wi-Fi internet available all-day at the Good View Restaurant, and a large selection of complimentary-to-use DVDs can be found in our on-site mini-market We also have a small lending library – in several languages – at the Good View Restaurant (and we’ll welcome any additional books that you don't want to carry home with you). Plus we have a few hammocks by the beach, perfect for stretching out and enjoying a good read.

There are hundreds and hundreds of coconut trees surrounding the resort, which make for great scenic walks, and last but not least there’s the beach and the ocean, both of which are open round-the-clock (last time we checked).

Sustainable Facilities - Current

Ao Kao already has a substantial investment in low-impact technologies that is growing continuously. Our current bungalows have fans in addition to air conditioning units, reducing the overall demand for energy by providing a cooling breeze in addition to lowering the temperature. Our newest bungalows, which are the template for future bungalow buildings here at the resort, use thick concrete walls to further reduce energy required to cool them and maintain comfortable temperatures within. We use low-energy fluorescent bulbs rather than inefficient incandescent bulbs wherever possible, and are transitioning to LED lights to further reduce our environmental impact. We have installed solar power in several of our buildings, including at the Good View Beach Restaurant and the new badminton court. The majority of activities we promote have very small or zero environmental impact, such as hiking, biking, snorkeling, tennis, volleyball, swimming, sailing, badminton, pool, and snooker. Our resort is also involved with tree planting on the island and has a small but growing nursery for our future food forest and edible landscaping projects. To see some of our current permaculture and sustainablility projects, check out the Ao Kao Forest Garden Facebook Page.

Sustainable Facilities - Planned

Ao Kao Resort is planning to build and improve on our current Earth-friendly practices by following the principles of permaculture for our future projects. We are in the process of building 16 new low-energy-consumption bungalows surrounded by edible landscaping. More than just planting food trees and plants, the design of this landscaping calls for a wide range of plants performing specific roles to form a holistic web of food production where each species interacts with the others to improve the soil, increase the quality of the produce, reduce harmful pests while attracting beneficial insects, and boost the health of the gardens. More detail regarding our plans can be found in our permaculture site survey. In addition to the 16 bungalows currently underway, we have plans to add a large diverse food forest following the same principles to provide even more locally grown produce and the raw materials for several cottage industries such as making hand crafted soap and producing an abundance of high quality compost. Additionally, with the planned introduction of bees to help pollinate the fruit trees, honey, candles, and honey wine (mead) can be produced.

Additional systems that will reduce waste and improve our Earth-friendly posture are also in the planning phase. These include:

  • Greywater Irrigation Systems
  • Additional Composting Methods (Thermophillic, Long-term, Liquid Fertilizer / Compost Tea)
  • Hugelkultur
  • Vermiculture (Worm Composting)
  • High Efficiency Lighting (LEDs)
  • Rainwater Collection
  • Solar Power Generation
  • Beneficial Animal Species (Chickens, Ducks, Bees, Worms)